Growing Up

Junior year has been an interesting ride, and as I look for internship opportunities I am feeling as if my fun college days are slipping away and the real world is soon to take over. I am currently pursuing an internship in Colorado with a Christian family camp I used to attend with my family. This camp had a huge impact on my life, and I have never forgotten the time I spent there. The camp is in the most beautiful setting possible. It is about half way up a mountain and just far enough away from a town to feel excluded. This beautiful camp is where, as a child, I always felt closest to God.

I was raised in a Christian family where we always attended church and prayed before dinner. I knew who God was, but I never felt so close to Him as I did when I was in Colorado. Being surrounded by the nature He created would always draw me closer to Him. This internship would be an awesome opportunity as I plan to take a semester off in the spring to work and re-energize. What a better way then to be in a camp serving others and surrounded by the most beautiful landscape in America?

This would be my first internship and I couldn’t be more nervous. I have always worked since I was 13, but never with the mind-set that I am looking for an actual career. Growing up is an interesting thing to think about. You are still yourself, and no one can take that from you, but you are becoming more responsible and more financially independent.  Dad is not going to be there my whole life holding my hand, which is a new awakening. I am excited more than anything, but I still have the initial jitters of living on my own and paying my own bills. With this internship, I would be surrounded by people of like mind, and fellowship that would build me up for the eight months I would be there.

This is a new experience for me. Lets see where it leads!


Fall. My favorite season. I have been waiting for the days of scarves and falling leaves, boots and pumkins, shades of brown and early nights. Fall has so many positives! The weather is cool and calming, which makes the 15 minute trek to class so much more pleasent. The outfits of fall are always so beautiful. Comfort is number one when you get to wear scarves and comfy jackets. Being a female I love the style of fall because you can still look beautiful, but in a conservative way. No teeny tank tops like in summer, no super short shorts, just fun sweaters and jeans!

If you have read any of my blogs you already know that I work at a coffee shop. Working at Aspen during the fall is so much fun, we have customers I rarely see, and we prop the door open and the coffee smell mixes with fall air. The iced lattes turn into hot, which means I can finally work on my latte art! Hot cocoa becomes popular, and my new favorite- cinnamon apple cider! More families come in as they are window shopping downtown. When we shut down the store late, the leaves on the sidewalk are swirling.

I would blog more, but my sister-in-law wants to tandem.

Peace, Love, and pumkin carving!

…Or so I tell myself.

This year has had so many ups and downs I don’t even know where to begin. I might not be the greatest writer but I think looking back, that my life would actually be a pretty good read. Of course I would go the route that most writers go, changing names, towns and such just to spice things up. I have had plenty of time to think over writing with this class I am taking (Persuasive Writing). The writing assignments in this class are aimed more towards ads, promotional campaigns, resumes, radio and other business style writings, but it still tickles my creative bone. As I have been thinking and talking I have noticed that people think you need to be famous or have piles of money to seem interesting. To me that is total bull-hinky.

Everyone can write about his or her life and the things that they have experienced. Just talking with people you can peek into their personality a bit, and it is always fun to see how they became the person they are today. If everyone really thought about it, they have plenty to write about. Most everyone meets a new person every day, and with that new aquantance comes new experiences, or at the very least, conversation.

While not every one will make it to the top of the best sellers list, they will still have shared their experiences and wisdom with others. Others that are going through what you have gone through at one point. Life is funny, sad, dramatic, boring, adventurous and exciting why not share that with others? If you don’t want to sell it, just share your story with the people you love, and are closest to. They would appreciate it even if no one else would. They can laugh with you, cry with you, and in the end know you better then they ever have.

Yup. I’m doing it. You should to.

Life is an adventure. Write it down.

I love so many things about being an OSU cowboy, but what I love the most is football season.

Looking back at OSUs football career, anyone can see that we have not shone bright. Being an OSU fan is not an easy task, a true fan must; be able to handle failure, frustration and continuously losing to OU. My poor father has been a die-hard OSU fan since the day he was born, but for 20 years now by the end of football season he always has the same reaction. “I’m done sipping on the Koolade, Caitie-Beth I’m serious, I’m done.” , but the next season he has season tickets, and a new bright orange shirt. One thing about OSU fans is that we are faithful to our team. We believe in the cowboys.

This year it is looking as if our faithfulness is paying off. With an undefeated record, and an extremely talented quarter back, the cowboys are as proud as ever. This year is called “The Year of The Quarterback” by ESPN, who came out with an hour long documentary on Brandon Weden and the OSU second and third string quarterbacks. It was a documentary that caused a lot of buzz among the sports world. I watched the documentary and I could not peel my eyes away, and for a woman with a short attention span, that says a lot.

I am proud to be a cowboy and I can not wait to see where this season takes Oklahoma State University.


In my 21 short years of life I have worked at nine different businesses, so I have seen my fair share of customers. Customers of all kinds; good, bad, happy, mad etc. I have run across some serious characters, both as a coworker and customers. Throughout all this time I never would have imagined that my most interesting customer base would be in Stillwater, Okla.

I am a barista at Aspen Coffee Company, in Stillwater. As a barista, you learn about coffee, flavors, roasts, colors and many other aspects of the coffee world. Surprisingly, the most interesting things I have learned are not about coffee. It has been my customers! We have professors, students, bandies, nurses and the list goes on.

Most of these customers are what we call “regulars”. Regulars are customers who come in so often that we have their drink ready for them from the time they park to the time they get to the counter. Getting to know this group of people has been so fun because during normal college hours, I see my classmates, and being a greek I am surrounded by other greeks. While I still enjoy them, my passion is people. When I started working at Aspen I was introduced to a different crew. I have met multiple professors, who I can now sit down and talk with about school, or life in general. I have met many students in majors not at all like mine, and I get to see what they are working on and get insight into different academic worlds.

Two of my favorite customers are a local police man and a local nurse. Mark is our local police officer who is the biggest trouble maker I know. He is always trying to walk out with chairs or buy random things like the front door. Mark is a complete motor head. He loves motorcycles and cars, through him I have learned so much about those two subject, I have also gotten a few things fixed on my car! I don’t know the name of the nurse that comes in but she always has the sweetest attitude and gets a mondo mocha! She will come in and seem exhausted, and tell us how many babies there have been today, giggling with every story.

All of our customers are different in their own ways and each brings about a certain kind of joy to the shop. I wouldn’t have it any other way.

“So, what do you have planned for this weekend?”- a question so commonly asked, I so commonly respond, “Oh, the same ole nothing.” But not this weekend!

This weekend I am going to see my favorite band, NEEDTOBREATHE. NEEDTOBREATHE is a band that started out as a contemporary Christian band, with their first cd Daylight they had more of a “punk rock” theme. Since the debut of Daylight, NEEDTOBREATHE has produced four more albums with their sound changing in each one.

They are so unique in the way that they protray God in their music, it isn’t the in-your-face worship, but they explain faith in a new, and understandable way. They are so passionate about music, with the two brothers as lead singer and lead guitarist. Bo and Bear Rhineheart combine their talents to make music that will rock your world! I cannot contain how excited I am to see them this weekend in Fayetteville.

Now my question to YOU, What are YOU doing this weekend?

Growing up in the Truitt household you were raised to be an OSU Cowboy. I cannot remember a weekend when my dad did not wear some form of an OSU shirt.

My dad’s love for OSU began when he was a student. Since then he has graduated, married and ORU grad, and had four children. Two boys and two girls. My older brothers Christopher and John-Kyle both attended OSU and now have graduated and started their “grown-up” lives. To my fathers delight, they are both married, but sadly only one married a cowgirl, we forgive Christopher for marrying a sooner woman, because since we are cowboys we are loving. 🙂

Now, it is down to me and my sister, I am currently a Junior and she has just entered her freshman year. I have been priviledged enough to go to college with both my brothers and now my sister. Nothing is more fun for me than to head to an OSU football game, just to meet up with my parents and hang out. Hearing stories from when my father was here and telling him about the adventures I am having now.

I cannot imagine going to school any where else, because Stillwater has always been my home. I am so proud to be a Cowgirl, and am excited to see where OSU takes my sister in the next four years. GO POKES!