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One thing I love most about HC is that we pray before everything we do. Here the cooks and servers are praying for a dinner of impact with guests.


These boys Jake Hamilton (Left) and Kevin Schmit (right) are known for their ridiculous hand injuries. Funny, but you kinda just want to smack them 🙂


Probably on of my favorite pictures of all summer… This is a sincere laughing picture where we just felt completely awkward, because Addie proposed that we do an “engagement like” photo. (Johnny is like my adopted brother)


Just some chacos and the mountains 🙂


Johnny (right), Nathan O’Neal (Middle), and Trace Kolb (Right), are great! They are all completely different men, but each will crack you up till no end!


I can’t get enough of this picture, this is Lacey, one of our wranglers with Miss Babe (obviously the Horse) on western night! The laugh happened at such a perfect time as Babe was trying to model for the camera and smacked Lacey in the face.

ImageThe Western Night Band praying before their (awesome) Performance! 🙂 We truly have amazingly talented people at HC.


“Call me Maybe” has some how made its way into our melodrama as a dance number 🙂


Everyone who went bull riding! 🙂 Yes I think I shifted my tailbone over when I landed.. but sooo worth it! 🙂


Well that is all I have for you right now, I must prepare for lunch! More to come later! with More actual news! Only two weeks left!!!!! woop woop!



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God is GOOD!

Well everyone I have not posted in a looonngg time. Super sorry about that.

But know that God has been so good! He has been teaching me amazing things through His breaking of me in the last year. I am by no means perfect, but I see God’s Mercy and Grace in a whole new and real way. The last few camps have been amazing, and I met a wonderful woman who should be on a christian version of SNL. Seriously, one of the most hilarious women I have ever met, facials that I could only dream of achieving. (For those of you who really know me, you know that is a big deal.) 🙂 I will post pics soon of adventures and such that we have been taking and I will put captions with them so you know exactly what was going on.

OH!! So, I rode a bull last Tuesday and bruised my tailbone hard, but it was totally worth it. Last night I was messing around with a blow gun for the first time, and my friends found out they had a mouse. So why not make a production of it and hunt this sucker down? We caught it in a corner and I was the lucky person to be able to hit it.. with a blow dart. I felt super intense. until I saw its little face 😦 but still I guess you could consider me a serious hunter. 1 turkey, 1 mouse. (obviously sarcasm there)

OK well sorry I am sure that is full of grammatical errors and such but I was in a hurry to write right before lunch! I love you all!

I miss my family really badly, lots of things are going on back home that need prayer so if you could..

Pray for:

* Peace for my mother, as my grandmother is falling quickly to Alzheimer’s.

* Strength. endurance, and fast healing for my grandfather, who just had hip surgery.

*courage and endurance for the Staff that we may be able to serve the last camp with as much enthusiasm as the very first.

* personally: Contentment in Christ, for me to feel Jesus’s constant pursuit, continual time in the word.


Thank you! I love you all!

Until later! TaTa!


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